Is Egypt Safe? Should you buy property there?

With the current events you might be surprised that I would recommend you seriously look into property investment in Egypt. This is a perfect time to purchase your Egyptian home as prices will be rock bottom and buyer’s eager to sell. Leaving you perfectly poised to watch your investment grow. Why do I have such confidence, the United States of America!

Egypt is vital to American interests in the region; it is the second highest recipient of US Aid. The Suez Canal has over 2 million barrels of oil a day go through. It is in everyone’s interest worldwide that Egypt remains a stable country. For that reason America and other world powers will be doing everything in their power to ensure stability. That is why I am so confident that Egyptian property is a good buy and will always be a good buy.

With year round sunshine, plenty of historical and cultural interest and a cheap cost of living Egypt is the perfect holiday or retirement destination. Egyptian houses are a good buy. Have a look at the extensive list of property for sale in Egypt, land, villas; flats are all a good property investment. Take Luxor as an example; there are resorts like Egyptian Experience with a gated compound and remote location to villas for sale in Egypt from private owners.  Luxor is the home of the Valley of Kings and tourists have been visiting the tomb of Ramses since Roman times. Tourism will always exist in Luxor, Nile cruises, Egyptian family holidays and Egyptology have always attracted tourist. Thomas Cook started in Egypt.

Location, location, location is always important so I would advise you purchase property that is within walking distance of amenities and touristic sites like Karnak and the temple of Queen Hatshepsut. The West bank has better views and is less crowded but the East bank has MacDonald’s. Your choice

Location is especially true if you intend to rent your Luxor home out. Tourists want to be conveniently located in central Luxor not needing a taxi every time they want a loaf of bread from the local souk.  An Egyptian property can provide you with a useful rental income as well as capital return. In Egypt rentals are a fast growing market. Judging by the recovery after previous events it will not be long before Egypt is growing at 10% again and you will be sharing in that growth.

So, don’t rule out buying property in Egypt, it can be a great addition to your investment property portfolio.

Mahmoud Jahlan

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