Getting to Luxor

There are many transportation options for reaching and exploring Luxor, so you can easily get to your property in Egypt by whichever method is most suitable and see all the sites that it’s famed for.

By Air
Cheap Egypt flights to Luxor International Airport (LXR) are offered by a range of airlines – including several popular low-cost carriers – and departures are available from airports across Europe, including London Gatwick Airport and Manchester Airport. Airlines offering direct Luxor flights include easyJet, Thomson Airways, Thomas Cook Airlines, and Monarch.

Those flying from the USA or other locations further away may need to take flights to Cairo Airport (CAI), or other airports in the Middle East or Europe, followed by connecting flights to Luxor. Egypt flights to Cairo Airport are offered by airlines including EgyptAir, Air France and Lufthansa.

By Rail
Luxor’s train station is called Midan al-Mahatta and has a convenient location in the centre of the city. Daily trains from locations including Cairo, Aswan and Alexandria serve the station.

If you want to travel to your Luxor property by train or travel from there to other parts of Egypt, you have two options. The first is the Egyptian National Railway, owned and operated by Egypt’s government. This is a service that visitors may not wish to use, as it can be quite run-down. The second option, often preferred, is run by Abela Egypt and is more expensive but allows a more enjoyable journey. This “wagon-lit” First Class sleeper service offers beds and meals and should be reserved at least a day in advance of travel.

By Road
Buses to Luxor’s main bus station Sharia al-Karnak are available from Cairo, Port Said, Dahab, Sharm el-Sheikh, Al-Kharga, Hurghada and elsewhere. Usual journey lengths range from four or five hours of travel (Al-Kharga and Hurghada buses) to 11 to 16 hours (Cairo, Sharm el-Sheikh and Dahab buses) with the amount of services per day varying according to destination.

Once you’ve arrived at your Egypt property, a wealth of transportation options are available for travelling around town and between historic attractions. Taxi cabs are easily found, as are traditional horse-drawn carriages (calèches), which travel at a sedate pace and are ideal for taking in the scenery on smaller journeys. Microbuses are another option, although these follow set routes rather than taking you directly to where you wish to go and may well be overcrowded.

You can also rent bicycles from hotels and rental shops, as well as renting motorbikes or cars. Renting a motor vehicle may not be best for newcomers to Luxor, however, as driving and negotiating traffic in the region can take some getting used to.


By Water
Its location on the famed River Nile means that you can use your Luxor property as a base from which to travel on a picturesque boat or ferry trip. A few options to consider are travelling by public passenger ferry, private motorboat or on a traditional wooden felucca sailing boat. Boat cruises down the river, with full bed and board, are also available in the high season.

Passenger ferries are the cheapest of Luxor’s water travel options, travelling from terminals on the West Bank to Corniche and back several times an hour throughout the day and evening. A private motorboat is likely to be more expensive but these are charged by trip length rather than per passenger and so may actually be a better and more enjoyable way for groups to travel. Sailboats, meanwhile, are slowest, and of all the kinds of transport these allow the most relaxing Nile trips.



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